Portrait of Hitesh Sejpal

Since my early childhood I have been fascinated by the clocks. Whether it is a school house clock or cuckoo clock says Hitesh Sejpal.

In 1982, after graduation Hitesh declined the easy option of getting associated with his father’s “Roopambara”, a pioneer watch & clock dial making unit in Rajkot.

After four year’s of experience in 1986, he decided to create his own vision of time,  and  he launched his very own clock brand “WOOD CRAFT”.

I am a clock maker by passion says Hitesh Sejpal.

When he speaks about his brand “WOOD CRAFT” or particular designer clock, he always has a smile on his face and a sparkle in his bright eyes.

Since, 1986 he is not only creating beautiful clocks, but he is also steadily building Brand “WOOD CRAFT” Brick by Brick, Piece by Piece.