We have in-house clock manufacturing facilities like wood case making, glass processing, clock dial printing, wood polishing and clock assembling.
Research and design development:
Our R & D team is always keep an “Eagle Eye” on latest market trends and  we are always one step ahead in clock creation and design innovation.
Clock dial and Glass processing:
Clock dial is the face of any clock. We have latest screen printing technology for clock dial. Glass processing like beveling, frosting and etching on glass is the key element of our clocks.
Wood case production and finishing:

Now a days,  long standing traditional production methods are still upheld with some automation. From selecting traditional and contemporary timbers like Pine ,Cedar, Teak wood, Bird’s eye maple, Striped sycamore and veneers, according to specific needs, clock cases are cut in the established and traditional manner and several grades of per-finishing are applied before being stained and lacquered by hand.
Assembling and quality control:

Our skilled workforce assemble the clocks  with the help of finest quality movements.

Total quality control is enforced right from the design concepts till the entire manufacturing process. We assure the best quality for the wall clock creation.